The Force Is Strong With This Death Star Design Pumpkin

Capable of destroying complete planets the Death Star is the most evil weapon around and it could be part of your Halloween display this year too. This is not a real pumpkin, it is not the real Death Star either, so that makes all right then! 

These are the details on the Death Star styled pumpkin;

This artificial pumpkin is approx 7.5″ tall, and a diameter of 9″. Has been painted to resemble the Death Star from the famous Star Wars films. The “windows” and the Super laser Focus Lens have all been painted with a special paint that is UV (“Black Light”) reactive, which also glows in the dark! Design is 360 degrees, including “stem” & bottom. A wonderful conversation piece for a SW Collector, also great as a decoration/centrepiece for a SW-themed Halloween party!

The Pumpkin Death Star will cost you $225 or £145 depending on your location in the universe.

Source [Geeks Are Sexy]