If You Think Your Partners Cheating There Is An App For That

There are apps for almost every occasion and event, but the CATE your personal Call & Text Eraser app is causing a bit of a stir, this is because it is a cheat’s app! Cate will produce an invisible record of calls and SMS, so checking up on him or her is fast and easy.

These are the features available with the CATE app;

Easiest app to set up and operate.

Call blocking facility.

Protects your privacy by secret number.

Text (SMS) blocking/filtering facility.

Hidden icon or NO icon on phone.

Picture (MMS) blocking/filtering facility

Unlimited number of blacklist contacts.

Ability to start Calls, SMS, & MMS within App

Stealth mode.

Block options for each contact: Calls, SMS, and/or MMS.

Quick clean all private information.

Add contacts from address book or manually.

Retrieve calls and texts when it is safe.

App minimizes when idle.

Minimize app with a quick shake.

Automatic or Manual Syncing

Text Log within CATE

Fake Notification with Dummy SMS

Auto Reply SMS (Text Message)

Cates BackPage

This app will cost you$5.20 in the US and £3.22 in the UK, its available now from Google Play.

Source [NDTV]