SyFy Releases Teaser Trailer For New SciFi Series Defiance

This teaser trailer from the SyFy channel, Defiance is set on Earth in the near future, aliens and humans live together but the planet has been wrecked following years of war. Defiance is a town, that apparently lives up to its name and this is its story!

According to the Defiance Facebook page, this is what the story is based on;

Set on a future Earth, Defiance introduces players and viewers to a world where humans and aliens live together on a planet transformed by decades of conflict. The game combines the intense action of a “AAA” console shooter, with the persistence, scale, and customization of an MMO, while its TV counterpart weaves the rich tapestry of the world into a series with the scope, characters, and drama of a classic sci-fi epic. Because they exist in a single universe, the show and the game will influence each other and evolve together over time, with actions in both mediums driving the overall story of Defiance.

This new science fiction TV series is due for release in the US next year in April.

Source [Science Fiction]