Cleaning Kit That Keeps Your Computer In Pristine Condition

There is nothing worse than a dirty computer and yet they are not exactly the easiest things to keep clean either! However, consider what is under those keys in the keyboard and then cleaning it will become a priority for you! This kit has everything you need to keep it clean and free from nasty bugs etc.

These are the details of what the Keepit Clean kit from Tech Link can do;

Anti-bacterial formula for keyboards and screens

Ultra-gentle cleaning solution, no abrasive chemicals

Leaves surfaces biologically clean

Anti-static brush for cleaning between keys

Advanced antimicrobial polishing sponge

Precision shaped sponge

Suitable for high and low profile keys

Safe for use on all LCD, LED and plasma monitors

Unique pop-up anti-static dust brush

Super soft no-scratch antimicrobial cloth sponge

Ergonomically shaped, right or left handed use

The kit of essential cleaning tools will cost you around £33 in the UK and $54 in the UK

Source [Cool Material]