Add Together A Raspberry PI A Arduino Board And Beer Cans To Make For A Cool Mash Up

Check out this keyboard where some users will have to prove their age in order to use this cool looking keyboard that is made from beer cans. It is connected to a Raspberry PI computer and a large screen plasma, but it is the beer can keyboard that is getting all of the attention and why not, cheers!

The Beer Cans Keyboard Movie from Viorel Spinu on Vimeo.

These are details for the brilliant keyboard made from empty beer cans;

Do you have any idea of what you get if you combine 44 beer cans with an Arduino board and a Raspberry PI? We will tell you: fantastic user engagement!

We did this at Webstock, event which took place in Bucharest in September. Staropramen, one of the sponsors of the event asked us for an innovative way to offer a trip to Prague to one of the event’s guests.

So, we came up with a keyboard made out of 44 Staropramen beer cans. Each beer can was a key, and whenever someone touched it, the corresponding letter appeared on a large plasma screen (just like any regular computer keyboard).

Well this keyboard is cool, but what other computer accessories could be made with a few beer cans, speakers for one, but what about a mouse?

Source [Geeko System]