Create Your Own Cool Apps With ShoutEm

It has to be said that while there are some useful apps around, there are also those apps that you download only to find that they do not actually do what you expected. Now you can create your own apps with ShoutEm, the iPad app builder. Check out the demo video to see how it works.

ShoutEm Tutorial from ShoutEm on Vimeo.

Here is some background on the ShoutEm app building service;

We support most major content feeds and are adding new partners to our platform every day. After you finish setting up your mobile app, you can continue publishing content through your existing channels and we’ll take care of mobile distribution in a single user experience.

The cost of the ShoutEm service is not cheap at $1,438 (£935) per year, which can be paid monthly at $119.90 (£75) per month.

Source [The Next Web]