How To Make Your Car Safe For When The Zombies Attack

We have all seen the films and TV shows, such as Zombieland, The Walking Dead and 28 Days Later, where zombies are everywhere and getting around is a bit harder than it used to be. Therefore, you need to make your car zombie proof and luckily for us, there is this interesting and informative infographic that shows us exactly what to do.

According to Moneysupermarket who produced this infographic, this is what you need to do;

A Zombie apocalypse is everyone’s worst nightmare, and there is no way you will be able to stay locked up at home indefinitely. No matter how well stocked up you are, there will come a time when you will have to venture out for supplies.

It is never safe to complete this on foot, so a car is really the only option. However, this is still a risky endeavour, so make sure that your car is completely safe and secure by taking advantage of our guide to zombie proofing your car.

Now you know that you can be safe, but only if you are prepared.

Source [Money Supermarket]