BBC Shuts Down The Ceefax Teletext Service Today

For thirty eight years, the BBC has delivered news and information through its teletext service Ceefax, but today it will be shut down for good and its pages will be just memory to us now. Check out this video to see what you will be missing.

These are the details for the BBC Ceefax teletext service;

It was a programme without a presenter and watched mainly by night workers, early risers and insomniacs. But now – as the UK analogue television turn-off nears completion, with Northern Ireland going all digital this week – Pages from Ceefax has been broadcast for the last time.

Ceefax first appeared on teletext-receiving televisions in 1974 – with on-air broadcasts of Ceefax pages starting in 1982. Both are now being consigned to history. Take a step back – cheesy music and all – into the multi-coloured teletext archives.

Source [Wired]