Its Winter So What About A USB Powered Heated Rug

This sounds like something that we could all do with, especially on those cold mornings when it is dark and freezing outside! This rug runs on the low power output from your computers USB port, it is probably not a good idea to use this with an unplugged laptop, as it must eat up the battery reserves in no time!

These are the features on this useful USB powered heated rug;

“Warm rug USB” is the perfect item of work in the office too cold in the winter and cooling room. The adoption of carbon fibre, you can quickly become warm just connect to USB port of your PC, remove or put on the shoulder of a button attached, or attached to the waist. Take almost no electricity connection USB; because it is economical environmentally friendly, power-saving measures should be used also in winter.

This handy rug is priced at just £16 in the UK or $25 in the US.

Source [New Launches]