Smart Wooden Acoustic Dock For The iPhone 5

This is one of those docks that have no cables or moving parts and it has been made from wood. It is a great effect to see the ultra modern iPhone 5 combined with the natural material of wood. There is one thing to note, this does not come with the USB to lightning cable! Therefore, you will need one of those.

These are the details on the Acoustic dock for iPhone 5 in Curly Maple;

Precision crafted out of beautiful North West curly maple, this dock is specifically designed for iPhone 5. Using an innovative support bar it is a perfect fit for the ‘naked’ iPhone 5, and after removing the little black bar (and storing it in the back of the dock) it will fit your iPhone 5 even if you use a hard cover. It is a perfectly fit for the popular Speck Candy shell, but should fit other hard covers as well. Measure them though, if they are thicker than 0.45” they won’t fit, and you will have to take the cover off in order to use the stand. For questions contact me.

This cool looking acoustic dock for the iPhone 5 will cost $30 in the US and £19 in the UK

Source [Etsy]