Docking Station Made From A Single Piece Of Wood

There is something stylish about a design that features natural wood and meant for the latest hi-tech gadgets in this case it is the iPhone and iPad. The designer has used a single piece of wood, which has been cleaned, carved and has the cables fitted; all that is needed now is a couple iOS powered devices to complete the docking station.

Here is some further information on the background of the smart looking Manzanita Wood iPhone Dock with iPad Dock;

This piece comes with two 6 foot USB cords that will synchronize or charge your iPhone 4 or iPod. Every piece is tested for sync and charge capabilities for USB to computer connectivity and wall plug connection as well. The iPad dock is designed to rest snugly and at the correct angle without a case. It will rest in portrait view and at a perfect angle for desktop use. Use with all iPad models.

This stylish looking dock for the iPhone and iPad will cost you $260 in the US and £166 in the UK.

Source [Etsy]