Who Decides On Where The Keys On a Calculator Go

This is question that often comes up and it is, Who Decides Things? Well whomever it used to, does not matter because when it comes to this calculator the person who decides where everything goes, is you, well the design of the keys, anyway! This is because it starts off as blank sheet for you draw on as you wish, cool idea we think.

These are the details on this great idea to design your own calculator;

Why do the numbers on telephones go 1, 2, 3 across the top, but calculators go 7, 8, 9? Who decides these things? Our Paper Calculator lets you start with a blank sheet. OK, you still have to write the numbers in the right place, but other than that, it’s yours to design. You can’t get a more personal, personal calculator and you can’t get one like yours anywhere else.

This cool idea for a DIY calculator is going to cost you around $12 in the US and £7 in the UK.

Source [Just Mustard]