Hue Gives Light Control To Your Smartphone

Forget about light switches they are so 20th century, this is the age of the Smartphone and apps, so why not control your lighting from your Smartphone? That is what Hue from Philips can do, it is not cheap though just the equipment is going to set you back enough and then there is the cost of the bulbs at $60 (£38) each.

These are the details on what Hue is and it will work in your home;

When it comes to light, we know our stuff. In addition, that includes the health and wellness benefits that light can offer. In fact, we’ve put the science into practice, with light projects in schools and hospitals. And it’s that very science we’ve squeezed into hue settings we like to call Light Recipes. Light Recipes let you change the lighting for specific needs – to relax, concentrate, energize and read.

This cool Hue lighting set up has a price tag of $200 in the US and £125 in the UK, while app is free from Google Play and iTunes.

Source [Cool Material]