Cigar Box Speaker System For Your Devices

Here is something that is very interesting, especially for anyone with an iOS powered device, laptop or smartphone, who just happens to be looking for something completely different to use as a speaker dock. This design uses the classic Arturo Fuente Magnum R wooden cigar box as a base; it has been handmade to fit iOS devices and laptops to produce a high quality sound.

These are the details on the Steampunk iPod & iPhone Sound System – Arturo Fuente Cigar Box;

To use, simply plug in the USB cord to power the speakers, and then use the 3.5mm headphone jack with any iPod, iPhone, smart phone, desktop or laptop computer. The volume level is controlled by your device. Make your friends and co-workers jealous with this completely unique sound system; it makes a great conversation piece!

This interesting and very different looking speaker system will cost around $50 (£32).

Source [Etsy]