The Coyote Case Is A Howling Way To Protect You And Your Phone

We see cases designed to protect your new iPhone from damage all of the time, but this is a case that has been designed to keep you safe. The Coyote Case looks like any other iPhone case apart from on the back there is a speaker, it is capable of delivering a 100dB siren alert, which should be enough to alert any passersby. However, there is more, because by pressing the button, it can also send an SMS with your GPS location to a pre-programmed number.

These are the details on how the Coyote Case will keep you and your iPhone safe;

Protecting yourself and your family just got easier. The Coyote Case is a powerful, personal protection system contained in a sleek and durable Smartphone case. When the panic button is activated, a piercing 100+ decibel siren sounds and an emergency text message with your GPS coordinates is sent to your emergency contacts. No fumbling to unlock your phone or open an emergency app – just one click, and help is on the way. There is also a stealth mode that sends your SOS text message without the siren.

Interested iPhone owners will be able to effectively pre-order a Coyote Case with just a $60 (£38) pledge to the cause.

Source [Technabob]