The HiLo Right Angle Lens System

Sure, there are plenty of lenses around for the iPhone, but not all of them offer the ability to swivel and rotate at right angles allowing the iPhone and iPad owner to produce some rather interesting images. This the HiLo right angle Lens system, currently its raising funds through Kickstarter, where its around two thirds of the way to reaching its target.

These are the different sort of images that would be available with the cool HiLo right angle Lens system;

Low angle – great for photographing young children and pets

High angle – like a periscope for photographing over a crowd

Wide angle – choose wide or standard, for video and photos

Any surface becomes a tripod – just lay the iPhone down

Self portraits & group shots – with an adjustable shutter delay

Once this lens hits the stores expect to pay around $100 (£64) for it, back it on Kickstarter and get a 33% discount on the full retail price.

Source [HiLo Lens]