Checkout New Super Mario Bros Game Play

This is a chance to see just what the all new Super Mario Bros. U game is going to be like when it is released in a couple of weeks time. The game play video shows that this is still a classic style game with all of the excitement, just with better graphics etc.

Here is a little information on the new Super Mario Bros. U according to the new super Mario bros u website;

New Super Mario Bros. U is a new, side-scrolling adventure game featuring Mario, Luigi, Toad and your Mii character! Explore new worlds, new power-ups and new ways to play with up to five players*, as four people use Wii Remote™ controllers and one enjoys a new way to play with the Wii U GamePad controller. You can even switch single-player game play from the TV to the GamePad at any time to continue playing even when others are using the TV.


Super Mario Bros. U will be launching on the 18th November but as of yet there are not actual prices for the game.

Source [Computer And Video Games]