George Lucas Destroys All VHS Copies Star Wars

We like it when someone happens to come across a lost video of some celebrity carry out terrible crimes on humanity. In this case it seems that George Lucas went around the world destroying all copies of the Star Wars Trilogy on VHS, no doubt to ensure that these poor folks went out and bought the DVD box set! We cannot tell if this really is George Lucas or not, what about you?

Here is some information on what this video is trying to tell us;

This shocking VHS footage was discovered inside the case of a clamshell copy of The Little Mermaid purchased from a Goodwill in Gary, Indiana. It seems to depict a person who may or may not be George Lucas travelling around the world and destroying as many VHS copies of the original Star Wars trilogy as he can. It is unlikely that this footage was ever meant to be seen by the public.

Source [Geeks Are Sexy]