One Day This Sphere Could Save Your Life

This reminds us of the movie “Escape From New York” where the president survived Air Force One crashing into a building. This however is something that has been designed to protect people during a natural disaster, such as storms, floods and anything else that nature can throw at us. There is room for four inside, so the investment of $5,000 (£3,100) could effectively protect a family.

According to the translated Life Armour web pages this a little information on the project;

By adopting a spherical shape, a curved surface to receive shock or pressure from the outside, it can be dispersed stress. In addition, the fact that we distribute the stress can be reduced to limit the damage and rupture because it reduces the non-applied to one point. I carefully though metal parts and accessories, to the packing material in order to reduce the strength and corrosion with no maintenance.

Source [Oh Gizmo]