Simple Stand Idea For The iPad 2

Here is a simple and yet very effective design for an iPad stand, it uses a couple of pieces of wood that have built in magnets to hold into place. It actually seems to be just balanced, but in reality, the iPad is perfectly safe and will support the iPad at any angle the user desires.

These are the details for the iPad 2 stand in magnetic wood;

The two slim stands are positioned on either side of the iPad for perfect balance. Magnets embedded within the wood, connect the two stands into one, when not in use. Keeping them always together. Measuring 1″ x 2.5″, each stand is just 3/16″ thick.

Recommended for horizontal, landscape, use only. The iPad stand is available in maple, cherry, or walnut wood, with a cream, milk chocolate, or charcoal felt lining. Please specify your favourite combination, upon purchasing.

This interesting and simple stand is priced at $27 (£18)

Source [Etsy]