Coasters Made From Dollar Bills

Most government treasury departments will at some point issue new bank notes and destroy the old or damaged ones. In the US, this is done by shredding and here is a chance to get your hands on some of this cash, unfortunately, these US dollar bills are now cool looking drinks coasters. Of course, these dollar bills are no good to you as cash, but these coasters do look great and you can even still see the detailing of the notes.

These are the details and features for the Currency Coasters;

Currency Coasters are literally made out of money. In fact, out-of-circulation US notes are shredded and combined with a polyester binder to create these unique, up cycled drink coasters. Each set of Currency Coasters includes four coasters. Made in the USA.

These coasters will cost around $35 (£22) for a set of four

Source [Oh Gizmo]