Robots Vs Humans FSP

This is the latest offering from Big Robot Games, it is called Sir, You Are Being Hunted, which may sound strange, but when you consider that the game is set in a retro England, where steam punk style robots have taken the place of the aristocracy. They drink tea and hunt humans, a classic British setting for an extraordinary and clever game.

These are the details for the Sir, You Are Being Hunted game;

Procedural tools to generate, save, and explore your own landscapes.

Open-ended gameplay: choose how you want to play. Complete the game non-lethally, or use whatever you can find to bring down the tweedbot menace.

A Thief-style visibility-meter combined with our own foliage-based stealth system.

Unique generative soundtrack.

A disembodied sinister butler!



Varied loot including weapons, traps, booze, marmalade, tea, something that may or may not be bacon, and a dead rabbit.

Fires to cook that rabbit on. (And other things besides!)

Mac, Windows and Linux versions.

Strange lore and pipe-smoking moustache-wearing mechanical locals.

Currently this game is going through the crowd funding site Kickstarter to raise funds to complete the project.

Source [G4TV]