Upcycled USB Locket

This gold coloured chain and locket has been saved from the trash and turned into something useful! In this case, the locket does not hold any photos of loved ones, but instead provides the user with a enough space for the 4GB flash drive, which can hold data, images and video while remaining completely out of sight and therefore safe.

These are the details for the Slinky locket with hidden flash drive;

Gold colored locket, textured like snakeskin. Perfect for adding a little mod style glamour to any outfit. The locket holds a 4 GB USB drive and a mirror from its former life as a compact. Laid flat the piece is about 12.5 inches long overall, the around the neck length is about 22 inches.

This nice looking locket with USB flash drive will cost you just $50 (£33) not bad for style and safe data.

Source [Etsy]