Interstellar Marines In The Works

Think of all the features that you would want in a FPS game and Interstellar Marines will be have them covered it is the latest idea from games developers Zero Point Software. The trouble is they need funding and without it, we may never get to see the game in action! There are twenty days left for this project to reach its pledge target, will they make?

Here are some details about the exciting Interstellar Marines game;

Set in a convincing near-future time, the Interplanetary Treaty Organization (ITO) has secretly begun colonizing the first human settlement outside our solar system. Faced with the increased chance of establishing contact with another sentient species, the member countries of ITO decides to accelerate the research and training program of its interstellar warfare division, ahead of schedule.

This game is currently going through Kickstarter to raise funds, where there are some interesting perks for backers of the project.

Source [Interstellar Marines]