Smartphone Case For Cyclists

There is nothing worse than a cyclist using a Smartphone; it is dangerous for the cyclist and other road users too. However, this Bikemate Slim 3 Smartphone case fits onto the bike securely and allows the cyclist to operate the device with just one touch at a time.

Here are the specs and features for the Bikemate Slim 3 case;

The Bikemate Slim 3 is the easy and secure holder for your Smartphone when riding. Designed ideally for Smartphone’s, touch screen operation is possible through the transparent protection, which can be oriented either vertically or horizontally. Cables can be easily accessed through the top and bottom openings. With the Bikemate Slim 3 holder, you can enjoy using your phone when riding knowing that it is safely secured from any potential damage.

This handy Smartphone case for biker user will cost around £16 ($25)

Source [Coolest Gadgets]