Livescribe Sky WiFi Smartpen

This is really a device that actually puts the smart into pen, it comes with built in Wi-Fi that allows everything that is written or heard to be sent to the user Evernote account, where it can be retrieved. The user can also tap anywhere on the notes that have been written to hear any recorded audio at the time.

These are the features for the brilliant and handy Sky wifi smartpen;

Smartpens Remember So You Don’t Have To Record everything you write and hear. Tap anywhere on your notes to replay the audio from that moment in time. Automatically, your recorded notes and audio are wirelessly sent and securely stored in your Evernote® account. Your exclusive Livescribe plan for Evernote includes 500MB of additional upload capacity for smartpen notes and audio.

The Sky wifi smartpen can be found on Amazon where it will cost around £160 ($256).

Source [Livescribe]