Paint Your Own Dock

How many times do we find something that fits our needs only to realise the colouring is not up to much and then we are put off. However, this dock box has a great feature; you have to decorate it yourself! Therefore, now this dock is which is made from wood and provides the user with the opportunity to decorate yourself in the manner that you feel is right.

Here are the details for the Design Your Own DOCK Box Acoustic iPhone Amplifier;

We offer this product to fit whatever crazy kind of case you have on your phone, or with a smaller slot for those of us who live on the wild side without a case. She uses the Incase Slider and it works great in our larger model. Please specify the case you’re using so I can make sure it will fit. The dimensions are 7.25″ wide by 4.5″ tall.

This iPhone dock for you to decorate will cost around $55 (£36)

Source [Etsy]