Keyboard Case For iPhone 5

As with any version of the iPhone, there is no proper keyboard and for some people this can be a problem to which there are only a few solutions. One would be this case with an integrated keyboard, simply slide this out from the back to reveal a QWERTY style keyboard that connects to the iPhone via a Bluetooth connection. Once finished with the keyboard slides away and is hardly noticeable.

Here are the features for the iPhone 5 Case with Slide-out Keyboard;

QWERTY format Bluetooth backlight keyboard

Give your iPhone 5 a real slide-out tactile keyboard

Keyboard Slide-out for use, and then slide back in when done

Increased typing accuracy and speed

Precise hard clicky keys… not mushy rubber keys

This case with pull out keyboard will cost you around $35 (£22)!

Source [Walyou]