Siri Mashed With Watch

If you take all of the coolness of an iPhone, not forgetting the voice controlled assistant Siri and mash it up with a watch you get a smartwatch or the iSiri, depending on your point of view! This is the idea from Federico Ciccarese; he has created the iSiri Smartwatch that connects to your iPhone via a Bluetooth connection.

These are some of the details on what makes this device cool;


On the move, in the car, on a walk we want to control our iPhone with the voice and we want it responds without removing it from the pocket.

The answer to this need is iSiri. We have imagined, conceived and designed. We intend to realize it very soon to allow iPhone advanced control.

Siri soul comes out from iPhone to discovers the world. This is a wearable device that connects via Bluetooth to iPhone. It captures the functions that Siri can control.


This is currently a concept design that is still in the design stages, but if were to go sale would you be interested in this device?

Source [Mashable]