Swivel Base iPad Stand

This is not normally something that you would associate with the iPad, as this stand is more like something a speaker would place their notes on. However, is really does work, with the iPad, simply slide into the grooves and you know that it is going to be totally safe and sound, no matter where it is being used, kitchen, workshop or even a store.


Here are some of the features for the iPad Desktop Swivel Base Stand for Square and other Retail – Business Applications;

Beautiful Natural Oak Wood Swivelling Stand for iPad. This stand has a Lazy Susan on the underside for full rotation. Custom built as an economical counter top iPad holder for use with Square or other sales based applications. Would also function well in a law office or a real estate application where you want to share iPad text or photos with a client. Simply swivel the stand around 180 degrees for easy viewing.


If this is what your iPad is crying out for then it is going to cost you £65 (£100) not bad for a handmade wooden stand.

Source [Etsy]