Wooden Beer Can Holder

This is something that actually makes a can of beer look cool, while at the same time keeping cool too! This is a Koozie you place your can inside and your hands stay dry and warm. This version of the Koozie is made from wood so it does not get any more natural than that and it has to be better than those rubber or plastic versions.

These are the details on the Wooden Beer Koozie from the products Kickstarter page;

The Luxury Wooden Beer Koozie is made of 9 ply Pure, Elite and Exotic wood. A strong, durable, waterproof, non toxic adhesive and lacquer is applied allowing the koozie to be cleaned and kept bacteria free. A Parlor logo is branded on the inlay of each koozie marking its make in the U.S.A.

You can get your hands on one of these cool Wooden Beer Koozies from just $20 (£13) on the Kickstarter site.

Source [Cool Material]