Paperclip Head Phone Set

Normally we wouldn’t be getting too excited by headphones, but these are in the style of a giant paper clip and so that makes them a little bit interesting at least. The design is cool because it keeps everything together and the paper clip allows the user to fix them to clothing etc. However, we are little concerned at the price, £110 seems to be a little steep!

These are the details for the cool looking and useful Paperclip style headphone set;

The paperclip headset you smart enough to solve the common headphone cable fixed storage troubled, to ensure smooth listening experience not drop shot! Headphones and a paper device can attach the collar, jacket pocket or bag strap, neat fixed easily shake or headphone cord knotted and buried wire movable according to different wear ride conditions, adjust the appropriate level of the position.


This paperclip style headset is not cheap, according to the conversion rates it turns out to be £110 ($174), surely that is wrong!

Source [Technabob]