Rocket Powered By An iPhone

It does not seem possible, but the video below shows that cool dude Mike Westerfield has been able to build a rocket powered by Bluetooth, techBasic and an iPhone 4S! Not only that included into the design is a sensor that would capture all of the relevant flight data. The launch was success and thanks to 24 inch parachute the rocket and the payload returned to earth safe and sound!

This is what the builder of the rocket has to say about the project;

It was a beautiful fall morning as prepared my model rocket. I started the data collection program and slid the payload with a TI Bluetooth low energy SensorTag and an iPhone 4s into the payload bay. Silently, I recited the astronaut’s prayer, “Dear Lord, please don’t let me screw up.” Then I pushed the launch button

You can build your own iPhone powered rocket by visiting Mike Westerfields webpages.

Source [Ubergizmo]