Wooden Dock For iOS Devices

If you are looking for a stylish and natural dock for your iPhone, iPad or both! Then you may be interested in looking at this wooden dock, it comes with a standard Apple 30 pin connector and the all new lightning cable too, so both the old and the new device can be synched and charged at the same time. Alternatively, the iPad will fit the dock, either way this is a useful and nice looking wooden dock.

Here are the details on the docking station by woodtec Spalted Sycamore;

Because the iPhone 5 is so new, there is nowhere to get the cables accept straight from Apple. So all custom docks will have genuine Apple lightning cables installed. The cable cost $20 and so the extra cost for the cable has been reflected in the price of the docks.

Re-connect with nature as you charge your apple devices. Handmade of Sycamore…I got this amazing spalted wood from a friends cuttings. Here is a link to the artist and stool that the wood came from: http://kieranwoodworks.com/works/

This smart looking wood dock for the iPhone or iPad will cost $138 (£90)

Source [Etsy]