Gloria Victis Medieval MMORPG

Welcome to the Dark Ages the perfect place to escape to when getting away from it all! This is the cool and exciting Gloria Victis MMORPG game, it takes place after the known world has been ravaged by war and now the rebuilding is taking place. However, this is not as easy as it sounds, because as communities build, there are others out there watching and waiting for the right time to make their move, will you be ready to repel?

According to the projects pitch on Kickstarter these are the basic features of the Gloria Victis game;

The game play will allow multiple players to interact at the same time, in the same world. It focuses on a non-linear, multi-plot story with an extensive dialogue system that has plenty of options to choose from, as defined by character’s reputation. We will feature a system of clothing and equipment which is designed after authentic medieval replicas; which is a novelty in MMORPG’s today. We will not only introduce a huge selection of items, but also the possibility of merging them together.


This project is currently going through a fund raising stage with Kickstarter, so there are some goodies to collect for those gamers who are willing to back the project.

Source [Gloria Victis Game]