Special Day Special Candles

As we get older, the amount of candles on birthday cake just keeps increasing until you get to the point where there are more candles than cake! This opens up opportunities for fun candles and these Lit Candles certainly fall into that category. Best of all they come in a pack of eight, so that is not too bad either, happy days!

These are the details on the Lit Birthday cake candles;

Time to roll out another birthday? Celebrate in style with Lit birthday candles. Eight perfectly rolled candles to help you get Lit on your birthday. Light up an unforgettable party and treat your munchies to some fabulous birthday cake, and ice cream, and maybe seconds on hot dogs, and chips…well you get the idea.

These cool candles will cost you just £4 ($6) for a pack of eight candles.

Source [Wow Cool Stuff]