Gloves For Smartphone Users

Anyone who has tried to use their Smartphone while wearing gloves will know that it is quite difficult to master and at the end of the day, it is probably easier to take the gloves off. Well these Freehands gloves offer the wearer a slightly different take on this problem. These gloves have a flap over the finger tips that can be pulled back for using the phone and then returned to covering the finger when finished. These are really Smartphone friendly gloves and they come in many different styles.

These are the details on the Women’s gloves made from recycled fleece;

A repeat of last year’s best-seller, the fleece is eco-friendly made from 100% pet recycled bottles. This unlined fleece glove features a full digital grip palm, an elastic wrist cinch and a plastic hook to hold the pair together. We improved the flap overlap to keep cold air out when your finger tips are covered and reinforced the flap edges to improve durability. And of course, magnets hold the tips out of the way when folded back.

These Recycled Fleece Women’s gloves are priced at just £13 ($21) per pair.

Source [Cool Hunting]