The Cool Nooka Zex Watch

This is the Zex from the watchmaker Nooka, this is company that have traditionally designed watches that are different and they do not get much different than the Zex. This watch has a classic looking case and strap, but the watch face has dots and dashes to display the time.

Here are the main details for the great looking Nooka Nex watch;

The ZEX (referring to the hexagonal face) is 53mm of stainless steel, mineral crystal and a masculine design in our popular analogue dot face, the Zirc. The oversized style of the watch sets it apart from other NOOKA watches, and it is available in IP silver, IP gold, and IP black with an Italian leather band.

These cool looking Zex watches from Nooka come with a price tag of around $325 (£206) it is available in black, gold or silver.

Source [Cool Material]