USB Heated Mouse Pad

Once the weather starts to turn a bit chilly this is when you notice any drafts in the office or around your desk area as your mouse hand will start to tingle with the cold. Usually it is a matter of putting your hand in your pocket to warm up, but this handy device means that a cold mouse hand may never happen again. It is powered from the USB and as such requires low power, but the problem here is that is only works with one hand, so what about the other one!

These are the features for the USB Heated Futon Mouse Pad;

Size: 255 x 275 x 38mm (10 x 10.8 x 1.5″)

Weight: 115g (4.1 oz)

Power: USB 2.0

Temperature: up to 50°C (122°F) – be careful not to overuse and burn yourself!

Also, be sure that USB cable cools down properly after it is disconnected

Heater and USB cable can be removed so the “pillow” can be a regular arm or hand rest

This handy USB powered heated mouse mat will cost you around $45 (£29).

Source [Japan Trend Shop]