Google Reaches For The Stars

We are used to Google mapping the world and the streets that we walk on, now they are where no search engine has gone before to the stars! Well actually they are starting small with just the closest 100,000 stars, starting with our own solar system. The Chrome Experiment is quite interesting though, with dramatic music and the option to zoom in and out of the different stars to find out the name and distance from our own star the Sun.

According to the post on the Google blog, this is what the project is all about;

Visualizing the exact location of every star in the galaxy is a problem of, well, galactic proportions. With over 200 billion stars, capturing every detail of the Milky Way currently defies scientists and laptops alike. However, using imagery and data from a range of sources, including NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), we were recently able to take one small step in that direction by plotting the location of the stars closest to our sun.


Source [Google Chrome Blog]