Mini Riser For Laptops

Here is something that will make using a laptop easier if you are one of those folks that like to have the back end raised up a little. This simple yet very effective stand will rise the laptop up at the back by a couple of inches, making it easier to view and use from a seated position. These are easy to use and come in a pack of two and in several different colours.

These are the main specs for the Laptop Mini Riser modern gift travel ipad netbook notebook computer stand;

The Mini Riser allows air to pass under your laptop, and props up the keyboard to a more comfortable angle. The small, open profile makes it easy to tuck away into your laptop case or just tote along. You can adjust the heavy, bendable wire to fit your laptop by stretching or compressing the legs as needed. The stable tripod design uses rubbery, vinyl bumpers to “grab” both the bottom of your laptop and table. Everything stays in one place, and is strong enough to support up to 35 pounds (15.9 kilograms).

This interesting design for a laptop riser is priced at just $9 (£6) for a pack of two.

Source [Etsy]