The Flip And Grip Wallet

This is an interesting take on the wallet, it has been named the Flip n’Grip wallet because in order to get your cards out you have to squeeze the handle and flip the card out. This case is also tough as it is made from aluminium, so your cards are safe no matter what happens and there is even a RFID blocking features built in too. So what is not to like here, probably the price, if you are asking!

These are details on the Flip n’Grip wallet according to the pitch on Kickstarter;

We designed the Flip n’Grip to be simple, thin, and beautiful.  We selected the best materials to provide the highest quality and the best look and feel. The wallet is made from true aircraft grade 7075 T6 Aluminium, glass bead blasted and bright dip anodized to a perfect finish.  It’s CNC machined to extremely tight tolerances and assembled with specially engineered flush rivets.


You can get one of these Flip n’Grip wallets from $100 (£64) on the Kickstarter site, we don’t know what the retail price will be but normally pledging is good value.

Source [Cool Material]