Camera Sees Both Ways

Here is a great idea for the cyclist, it is the Spectacam that fits onto the cyclist’s helmet and with an app, it will allow the user to see and record what is going on in front and behind them. This is very handy in order for the cyclist to have a record of any incidents that might happen.

These are the features and specs for the Spectacam cyclist’s camera;

Resolution: 2 X 1080p cameras

View Finder/ Playback screen: With iPhone/ Android app

Field of View (FOV): Medium

Memory Storage: Micro SD card

Battery Life: Approx. 3 hours

Weight: approx. 60 grams/ 2.1oz

Microphone: Internal

Waterproof: Water resistant, with the aim of achieving IP55 rating

Mounts Included: Helmet mount which will fit most vented helmets and 3M double-sided adhesive mount for ventless helmets

Camera Angle Adjustment: Manual, built-in

Wi-Fi: Built-in

Expect to pay around $350 (£220) for the Spectacam when it eventually goes retail

Source [Oh Gizmo]