Goal Zero Switch Charger

This may have the appearance of an AA battery, but it is much more than that. This is the Switch 8 Portable Recharger by Goal Zero; it is around five inches in length and can be charged up through the built in USB connector or even by the Goal Zero foldable solar panel, which can purchased separately. If more power is needed, then two Switch 8 Portable Rechargers can be connected together using the USB feature.

These are the main features for the Goal Zero Switch 8 Portable Recharger;

The Goal Zero Switch 8 Portable Recharger is a really portable charger that is literally pocket size at 5 inches in length.

This smart charger can be used to charge a range of rechargeable electronic devices such as a mobile phone, a tablet such as the iPad, a flashlight and a GPS navigation unit.

One end of the Switch 8 has a slide out USB connection for you to charge up.

This piece of essential survival kit will cost you just £40 ($64) for a single charger.

Source [Geeky Gadgets]