Hulu Video Games Hub

Just in time for season of the new video game launch, Hulu the online TV, movie and games channel have created a new feature just for gamers. Hulu believe that this will be the first stop for any gamer looking to check out the latest trailer to their favourite game. Hulu can be viewed online, on a Smartphone and tablet, the trouble is here in the UK it is not available, typical!

According to the official Hulu blog, Oscar Rohena the Content Partner Manager, says;

In the Video Games hub on Hulu, you’ll be able to find beautiful pages featuring HD trailers, game play videos and reviews for the latest games. We’ll also have essential release information, so you know exactly when you can get your hands on that game you’re eyeing. It’s available on the PC today, and will be rolling out to all Hulu Plus enabled devices over the next few months.


Source [Hulu]