Get A Grip With Grippy

Those phone holders that stick to the windscreen are all right, until it’s hot or the glass is damp then you find that while you are driving along the holder and your Smartphone ends up on the floor! There is no such issues with Grippy pad, this thing can stick anywhere and will hold anything that you place onto it. The Grippy is great for cars, because there are not many flat surfaces available. The Grippy fits the curves and shapes of the car dashboard, while gripping onto whatever is placed onto it.

These are the details on the Grippy pad mobile phone holder in Black;

Just like a gecko’s amazing feet (is that why they is a gecko’s sketching on the Grippy?)!, the Grippy Pad will hold a multiple of gadget in place. All without a single magnet, Velcro strip, or sticky adhesive in sight. PURE MAGIC!! By some marvel of manufacturing (don’t ask) this advanced silicone material grips everything from Smartphone’s, iPads to Sat Navs. Just slap it on your dashboard and place your items on top. Like magic, they’ll be held in place!

The helpful Grippy pad is available right now on Amazon with a price tag of £11

Source [Amazon]