Single Seat Electric Helicopter

This is the stuff that geeky dreams are made of, it is an electric helicopter, but with one big difference, this helicopter will be able to carry one person! Yes, this is it, personal flying machines for all! Well, all right then this mini helicopter will not be ready until around 2021 and it is going to cost a lot of money too, but this is a start and as ever new technology is always expensive at first. The company are even planning a two seat version as well, it just gets better.

According to the president of the RC helicopter manufacturer, Kotaro Matsuzaka he said;

This is a completely Japanese, 10 billion yen (US $125M) project and is planned to be completed by 2021.

Once this machine has been tried and tested expect to pay around $375,000 (£236,000) in around eight years time, we are not sure if the price will be the same in 2021!

Source [New Launches]