The Folding Oru Kayak

We love the idea of going out, getting into Kayak and taking off down the river. However, the problem occurs when you want to go somewhere different, this means transporting the Kayak and this is not always easy. However, Oru have the answer with their cool folding Kayak! This is a proper Kayak, which folds down to a size that is easily transportable even by public transport, which handy for anyone who wants to Kayak, but does not drive or have a car.

This is the thinking behind the folding Oru Kayak;


Designer and founder Anton Willis grew up in rural Mendocino County, with easy access to rivers, lakes, and the ocean. In 2008, a move into a small San Francisco apartment forced his fibreglass kayak into storage. Inspired by an article on new advances in the art and science of origami, he sketched a few ideas for a folding kayak. Sketches turned into countless paper models, and over 20 full-scale prototypes. After user testing on dozens of bays, lakes, rivers and oceans, Oru Kayaks are ready to explore the world.

This brilliant idea for the folding Oru Kayak will set you back around $800 (£504) this is the pre-order price available in Kickstarter for the next four weeks or so.

Source [Oru Kayak]