Baseball Bat With Flashlight

This must be one of the only good reasons for walking around the streets with a baseball bat! The reason for this is that although it may appear to look like a baseball bat, it is in fact a torch! Sure, it’s a big torch, but some folks like a have a nice big torch in their hand now and then!

Here is some information on the brilliant Baseball Bat Flashlight;

This 23 Inch LED Baseball Bat Flashlights are the ultimate in self protection and safety. They combine the protection of a machined, heavy duty aluminium baseball bat shaped body with the safety of a top of the line 3 Watt LED flashlight built into the head. LED Baseball Bat Flashlights are available in 4 sizes (batteries not included)

Your Baseball Bat Flashlights has a price tag starting from $36 (£23) there are various sizes available.

Source [Cool Material]