Give Everyone Facial Hair

Here is a great way of showing that you support the coolness of a moustache, but for some reason are unable to do so! It is a bit like those retro type pads with iron fillings, except in this case it is housed in a picture frame and therefore it allows you to mess around with hair, beards and taches too! What is your mother going to say?

These are the details on the cool and funny Fuzzy Face Magnetic Picture Frame;

Remember sitting in the car for hours when you were a child, completely entertained by the simplest activity, the Wooly Willy?  You’d give him a uni-brow, mohawk, sunglasses… the possibilities were endless!  With our Fuzzy Face Magnetic Picture Frame you will always feel nostalgic when you see the picture you framed.  You will also get to put hilarious facial hair on your family and friends!

The Fuzzy Face Magnetic Picture Frame comes with a $20 (£13) price tag

Source [Incredible Things]